Customer Care Representative

General Information
Location  2942-A SW WANAMAKER DRIVE, SUITE 200
TOPEKA, KS 66614
United States
Employee Type  Non-Exempt
Job Category  Customer Service
Industry  Call Center
Contact Information
Name  Human Resources Department
Phone  1-800-890-6024  

Primary Function

H.R. Admin. Asst. is responsible for administrative support to the H.R. Director to keep the Human Resources Department up to date and organized. This includes assisting in handling applications, new hire process, updating daily and weekly reports, and filing various paperwork.

Essential Functions and Duties

1. Assist in New Applicant Process

a. Print off an Application Received Form, add applicant to Application Tracking Log and preform a background check. If applicant fails background check, fill out Application Received Form, update Application Tracking Log and file applicant into the rejected folder.

b. Call applicant to determine pre interview questions. If fail pre interview questions update Application Received Form and Application Tracking Log and file into rejected folder. If surpasses pre interview questions continue to set up interview time and add to the Calendar for HR Manger to confirm.

c. If applicant passes interview continue with checking all references listed on application. Print out forms for reference check and call references twice a day until at least 3 solid work references are received.

d. If applicant advances to being hired give completed application with printed forms back to HR manager once references are completed.

2. Assist with New Hire Paperwork

a. Occasionally assist with New Hire Orientation. Set up conference room with correct folders, direct new employees down to conference room and advise to start paperwork. Receive and copy two forms of ID from the new hires and collect all the necessary paperwork when done.

b. Divide paperwork into correct groups, copy necessary tax forms and distribute to correct management.

c. Create and complete Employee file with correct paperwork and forms. Application will be added and should be checked for completeness.

d. Update Application Tracking Log and Employee Vehicle Log.

e. File Employee file into current employee drawer.

f. If missing paperwork or forms of ID. Retrieve from New Hires as soon as possible then continue Employee File.

3. Update Attendance Log and Written Warnings

a. Receive daily attendance log for each department. Will input any possible occurrence or approval off that is more than 1 hour of loss from work into the matching attendance log.

b. Update attendance log via Time Centre bi-weekly after HR Manager has completed payroll.

c. Issue correct warnings to employee’s bi-weekly after attendance log has been updated. Save in specific folder for HR Manager to distribute.

d. If an employee is no longer employed be sure to remove form current department attendance log to that department termed attendance log.

4. Update and Organize Various Logs, Forms, and Reports

a. Will distribute and collect insurance forms and Money Card Forms to various eligible employees. Once completed will update matching logs.

b. Update FMLA log when completing bi-weekly attendance log.

c. Update department training logs at end of the month.   

d. Assist in filling out Separation of Employment Forms.

e. Update Attendance Log/Employee Vehicle List when Employees are Termed/File Termed Employee File.

f. Update Emergency Contact Forms at beginning of each month for each department.

g. Assist with employee status change reports and employee referral reports.

h. Update employee vehicle log.

i. Assist with faxes, various projects and creating/revising new reports.

j. File current/termed employee paperwork.

k. Organize/File employee Time Sheets.

l. Create New Reports/Forms.

5. Miscellaneous Tasks

a. Handle Incoming Calls from Applicants checking on status of application review/process.

b. Assist in reception area when needed.

c. Assist with Mail Projects.

d. Update Hired Employees of 2015 List.

e. Pull Collector Phone Calls

f. Communicate with Department Managers to retrieve any missing paperwork/forms from employees.

g. Communicate with employees for references on applicants.

h. Order Blue Paper.

i. Retrieve various supplies from storage closet.

j. Complete HR Research on Websites.

k. Move various HR Paperwork to Storage room.

l. Assist in keeping files/reports organized and up to date.


Education: High School or GED equivalent required. College education preferred, but not required.

Required Knowledge: Thorough knowledge of the Collections Industry and Call Center practices and procedures. Intermediate level of knowledge/expertise with PC hardware and software (Word and Excel).

Experience Required: Minimum of three (3) years customer service experience.

Skills/Abilities: Excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills. Excellent leadership and human relations abilities. Exceptional organizational, listening, technical and analytical skills. Dedication to providing exceptional customer service.