Marketer Nottingham Health & Rehabilitation


Nottingham Heatlh and Rehabilitation

“Improving Lives. Exceeding Expectations.”

 Our community strives to not only get the necessary tasks completed but to get those tasks completed in a way that improves the lives of all those that are directly and indirectly affected.  All of our employees should strive to exceed any expectations from our customers, coworkers, vendors, etc. in everything they do.  Being a good company is not enough.  Our community strives to be a “world class” company whose focus is not only on business but on the people, improving their lives and exceeding their expectations.


I practice humility and compassion

General Information
Location  14200 W. 134th PL
Olathe, KS 66062
United States
Employee Type  Exempt - FT
Job Category  Marketing
Minimum Experience  5 Years
Required Degree  4 Year Degree
Travel  100%
Manage Others  No

Nottingham Heatlh and Rehabilitation

“Improving Lives. Exceeding Expectations.”

This is truly a sales position that is expected to increase qualified referrals, admissions and census in the client communities.  The Post-Acute Care Coordinator is responsible for the resident census development for the skilled nursing communities in his/her assigned market territory.  The Coordinator actively develops relationships with qualified referral sources, obtains referrals for skilled nursing or rehab care and follows those referrals through the underwriting and transfer process until the prospective resident moves into the client community.   The goal is to maximize the resident census in his/her targeted market community and in other communities in the client network.


  • Leadership Focus
    • Build and sustain an ILEE culture around the community’s purpose, Guiding Virtues, and ILEE mission statement.
    • Network with community partners and referral sources to establish a positive reputation in the community,build a foundation for referrals, and sustain growth at all communities.
  • Quality Focus
    • Improve the lives of customers, especially the patients, families, and fellow employees.
    • Exceed the expectations of customers as often as possible.
    • Give customers positive, memorable ILEE experiences that they will remember for a lifetime.
    • Looks for ways to streamline the referral and admission process.
  • Financial Growth
    • Ensure that community census levels are at or near capacity at all times.
    • Develop, implement, and monitor monthly  progress of the community’s census team using the Be Full Program to:

                                                 Increase Qualified Referrals (QRs)

                                                 Increase the conversion of QRs to Admissions

    • Develop and sustain an active marketing presence with social workers, discharge planners, and other referral sources to ensure a consistent pipeline of new resident referrals.  Monitor the weekly completion and review of the Weekly Census Scorecard Tracker.
    • Maintain daily, weekly and monthly metrics on census (sales calls, inquiries, admissions, discharges and referral sources) with comparisons to established business development goals.  Consistently meets or exceeds census growth goals.
  • Service Focus
    • Work closely with the Director of Nursing, the Regional Nurse, physicians, social services and the Medical Director to creatively look for ways to safely admit more residents that might, at first glance, appear to be clinically challenging.
    • Works with the RN Referral Manager, Executive Director, Director of Nursing, Rehab Directors and Social Workers to ensure that there is clear communication between them and the referral source, the potential resident, and the resident’s family and/or caregiver.
    • Work with the Regional Executive Director, the Referral Hub Manager, and the facility to create a “Collateral Catalog” (brochures, virtual tours, give-a-ways, etc.) and distribute accordingly.
    • Work with the Regional Executive Director and the facility in the development and maintenance of the community website. 
    • Conduct tours of the community for referral source decision makers, prospective residents and their family members / caregivers as needed.
    • Represent the client community in the overall market territory to raise brand awareness.
    • Perform other duties as required.
    • Support the communities in their implementation of the Strategic Resources
    • Performs other duties as assigned.
    • Support the communities in their implementation of the Strategic Resources
    • Performs other duties as assigned.