Compassionate Healthcare Providers, LLC: Environmental Services Director at Flatirons Health & Rehab

Flatirons Health & Rehab is a 48 bed skilled nursing facility specializing in short stay rehabilitation that just opened. Our facility is designed to provide rehabilitation with the essence of home and family in mind. We have implemented a new non-institutional model that families respond confidently that their relatives and loved ones are in a supportive and comforting environment. Our model is inspired by the care we would provide for our own families. When it is all said and done, everything we do is engineered to Improve Lives and Exceed Expectations!

General Information
Location  1107 W. Century Drive
Louisville, CO 80027
United States
Employee Type  Exempt - FT
Job Category  Environmental Services
  • Improve the lives of our customers, especially the patients, families, and fellow employees.
  • Exceed the expectations of our customers as often as possible.
  • Give our customers positive, memorable experiences that they will remember for a lifetime.
  • Provides information for the Quality Assurance Committee weekly & monthly by documenting & reporting potential & actual issues that affect quality care & services.
  • Is responsible for the facility grounds: the grounds must be maintained in an orderly fashion; free from hazards, debris, & clutter. Sidewalks & drives must be free from snow, ice, leaves & in good repair.
  • Is responsible for maintaining the building in good repair. This includes painting, replacing work or stained tiles, repairing furniture, locks, baseboards, trim, windows etc.
  • Is responsible for assuring the electrical system is in good working order & all electrical appliances are in good working order: this includes call lights, emergency power, door signals, fire alarms & exit lights.
  • Is responsible for assuring that all plumbing is in working order & in good repair.
  • Is responsible for organizing fire drills & assuring that all fire safety equipment is in working order & it is inspected on a regular schedule by the appropriate services.
  • Is responsible for maintaining all facility equipment. This would include, but is not limited to washers, dryers, boilers, air conditioners, furnaces & lawn mowers.
  • May be required to assist staff in moving residents & furniture.
  • Assures personal & staff compliance with all State & Federal regulations including bloodborne pathogens, infection control, hazardous materials, fire safety, & building, electrical & plumbing codes.
  • Assures personal & staff compliance with residents’ rights.
  • Is responsible for staffing the housekeeping. Follows the facility policies when hiring, orienting & disciplining employees.
  • Maintains & keeps accurate accounting for all budgets assigned & informs Executive Director prior to spending money in excess of the budgets assigned & informs Executive Director prior to spending money in excess of the budget.
  • Assures 24-hour availability of service for maintenance emergencies.
  • Provides direct supervision, including training, scheduling, mentoring & evaluating the performance of housekeeping employees.
  • Other duties as required.


Employee must demonstrate on an ongoing basis the ability to develop & maintain good working relationships with co-workers & other departments.

Basic knowledge & experience in carpentry, plumbing, electricity & mechanical tasks.

No license/certification required.