Manufacturing Engineer

General Information
Location  257 Cedar Hill Street
Marlborough, MA 01752
United States
Employee Type  Exempt FT (I)
Job Category  Engineering

The Manufacturing Engineer is the shop floor engineering resource and technical interface to the design engineering group for the product.


• Develops, approves, reviews work instructions and documentation to support standardized work in the production area.
• Organizes workflow to minimize waste and contain total costs of assembly.
• Assists in the training of production and quality assurance associates. 
• Acts a liaison between production and engineering to feedback design problems and resolve them for future builds using the ECO system.
• Develops tooling to improve production process yield and reduce process variation.
• Reviews new product models and documentation for completeness and effective implementation of subassemblies to streamline manufacturing efforts.
• Assists purchasing in the evaluation of alternate sources for components and makes recommendations to design engineering.
• Participates in new vendor qualifications to improve supplier performance.
• Develops and executes experiments to test new components and processes before use in products.
• Initiates process control improvements to support cost reduction and on time delivery directives.




• BS degree in a technical discipline or equivalent work experience
• Ability to work independently
• Effective communication skills
• Understanding of manufacturing methods used in complex machine assembly
• Experience in manufacturing to ISO9000 standards
• Training in Lean manufacturing techniques
• Computer literacy – competence with MS Office modules and SolidWorks


This position must meet Export Control compliance requirements, therefore a “US Person” as defined by 22C.F.R. §120.15 are required. “US Person” includes US Citizen, lawful permanent resident, refugee, asylee.   License exception Technology and software under restriction (TSR) defined in 15 CFR 740.6 may permit person from Country Group B.


The following link will take you to the government site with the list of Country Group B: https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/documents/regulation-docs/452-supplement-no-1-to-part-740-country-groups/file