Master Optician

General Information
Location  257 Cedar Hill Street
Marlborough, MA 01752
United States
Employee Type  Exempt FT (I)
Job Category  Engineering
  • Fabrication knowledge should include lens generating, lens centering, coring, slicing, grinding and dicing of various glass and optical components.
  • Polishing experiences should include blocking, grinding, and polishing of various shapes of optical glasses such as prisms, wedges, flats and spherical optics.
  • Double sided lapping and polishing along with single sided methods are necessary. Also, multiple techniques of polishing are desired, such as pitch and pad polishing plus experiences with different types of slurries and polishing compounds.
  • CNC manufacturing of optical components is a plus.
  • Ability to use optical test equipment for measuring flatness, surface roughness, and parallelism.
  • Ability to read and review blueprints and make parts to tight tolerances.
  • Provide training to junior members of the fabrication and polishing staff.
  • Bonus experience would consist of crystal manufacturing, including both the fabrication and polishing of many different types of crystals.


  • 15 to 20 years of hands on experience in the manufacturing of plano and spherical optics.




  • High School Diploma.
  • Preferred: BS degree in Engineering or related discipline preferably in optical engineering OR equivalent experience.


This position must meet Export Control compliance requirements, therefore a “US Person” as defined by 22C.F.R. §120.15 are required. “US Person” includes US Citizen, lawful permanent resident, refugee, asylee.   License exception Technology and software under restriction (TSR) defined in 15 CFR 740.6 may permit person from Country Group B.


The following link will take you to the government site with the list of Country Group B: https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/documents/regulation-docs/452-supplement-no-1-to-part-740-country-groups/file