Technical Assembler

General Information
Location  259 Cedar Hill Road
Marlborough, MA 01752
United States
Employee Type  Non-Exempt FT (D)
Job Category  Manufacturing

The mechanical assembly group builds precision mechanical subassemblies and integrates them into higher level assemblies. The skill set requires use of mechanical assembly tools, i.e. wrenches, drivers, machining tools, precision measurement devices, gauges…

  • Assembly and integration of precision mechanical and optical subassemblies into complex systems
  • Initial setup, alignment, and verification of precision assemblies at system level
  • Assists in the generation of new product or subassembly documentation and work instructions
  • Modification of parts using machine tools to resolve design and quality issues.
  • Provides feedback to engineering regarding errors or omissions in existing documentation
  • Assists in the completion of ERP paperwork for proper processing and costing of jobs


  • Craftsman skill level with assembly hand tools, machining tools, and electrical measurement tools
  • Computer skills – MS Office competency, some CAD experience preferred
  • Understands when to request guidance from superiors and proper chain of command.
  • Neat, accurate, and consistent work
  • Works well independently and assumes responsibility for own work
  • Attention to detail and ability to retain communicated information.
  • Appropriate communication skills to convey information to other associates and supervison

This position must meet Export Control compliance requirements, therefore a “US Person” as defined by 22C.F.R. §120.15 are required. “US Person” includes US Citizen, lawful permanent resident, refugee, asylee.   License exception Technology and software under restriction (TSR) defined in 15 CFR 740.6 may permit person from Country Group B.  The following link will take you to the government site with the list of Country Group B: https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/documents/regulation-docs/452-supplement-no-1-to-part-740-country-groups/file