Archdiocese of Omaha

Director of Catholic Charitable Missions (Full Time)


To be the Director of Catholic Charitable Missions is to accept a call to ministry. Catholic Charities is an apostolate by which the Church both evangelizes and performs the corporal works of mercy described in Chapter 25 of Matthew’s Gospel.  The Executive Director position exists to provide overall leadership for the organization in the carrying out of its religious activities, to lead the organization’s mission-driven activities and services, to facilitate public awareness of services, provide information and direction to the Board of Directors, and direct the fundraising efforts while maintaining positive relationships with funding sources and donors.  The Executive Director is responsible for strategic planning and implementing strategic initiatives through tactical actions. The Executive Director reports to the Board and is responsible to the Archbishop of Omaha.

General Information
Location  100 N. 62ND STREET
OMAHA, NE 68132
United States
Employee Type  Exempt
Job Category  Catholic Charities
Required Degree  4 Year Degree



Mission Integration: The Director must be an active and faithful member of the Catholic Church.  Models and promotes behavior in conformity with the Catholic Church’s teaching in matters of faith and morals in both his/her personal and professional lives.  Ensures that all Catholic Charities operations are integrally connected to carrying out the Mission and Vision of Catholic Charities and the Archdiocese of Omaha and in conformity with the Gospel and teaching of the Magisterium.  Plans and attends religious services with employees and service recipients. Leads the staff in prayer before meetings, at prayer services, and otherwise and, where appropriate, leads service recipients in prayer. 


Community Relations: Serves as chief spokesperson for the organization.  Represents the organization to the community and fosters a good relationship and image to staff, clients, parishes, and the general community.  Develops and maintains relationships with funding sources including contributors and potential contributors. Accountable for planning and evaluating services and activities according to community needs.  Ensures programs have systems and processes for gathering and reporting data to the extent needed. 


Fiscal Management.   Responsible for monitoring revenue and funding sources as well as expenses.  Develops and maintains positive relations with funders including the archdiocese, parishes, family foundations and individual contributors.  Provides over-site and management of the Catholic Charities Foundation. 


Leadership/Staff Management – Provides overall leadership to staff. Leads the staff in prayer before meetings, at prayer services, and otherwise. Responsible for leading the staff; which would include: planning, assigning and directing work, employee selection, appraising performance, rewarding and disciplining employees; as well as problem resolution 


Board/Archdiocese Relations – Works collaboratively with the Archbishop and/or his delegates as well as with the Board of Directors. Attends religious services.  Serves on the Archbishop’s Cabinet. Shares information related to their roles in governance and operations of the organization, strategic planning, and carrying out the mission. 


Performs other related duties as assigned by management.




•     Strong leadership and interpersonal skills required.

•     Strong verbal and written communication skills required.

•     Strong leadership and team building skills required.

•     Skill in strategic planning required.

•     Ability to manage multiple projects required.

•     Knowledge of the organization’s funding sources.

•     Knowledge of accounting including fiscal management and budgeting.

•     Knowledge of non-profit sector as it relates to management/oversight.

•     Knowledge of the Archdiocese of Omaha and the Catholic faith, including a strong commitment to Catholic social teaching.

•           Ability to understand and adhere to policies and procedures related to Protected Health Information (PHI)/Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  This position has access to PHI/PII and is limited under the minimum necessary rule to the amount of information necessary to perform assigned duties.

Required of all positions:

  • Knowledge of Catholic Charities’ mission, values, vision, and ethical standards.
  • Knowledge of the Catholic Charities Compliance Program requirements including – but not limited to – the Code of Ethics, the Compliance Policy, all organization-wide policies for compliance and compliance procedures affecting specific duties and responsibilities.

Ability to show sensitivity to the service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics


15-20 years management and administration experience with a non-profit or for-profit organization, including experience in developing and adapting community-based programs to local needs.


Bachelor's degree required; Graduate level degree preferred.